Let’s find out if our barcode scanning software and patented decoding algorithm are a good match for your application! Our SDK will unleash unlimited mobile decoding power and solve any barcode scanning issue you may have or could ever think of having–future proofing at its very best!

First, we need to find out if our superpowers a good match for each other. Please fill in all the required information below so we can link you to the right TIQ application manager. If you already have a TIQ manager and are simply looking to register as a user to the portal for access to our demo SDK you will need to ask them for the registration link, this isn’t it.

Need to increase workflow efficiency and need barcode scanning that is true zero-miss? We scan all symbologies and can even decode damaged barcodes! 

The very same enterprise barcode scanning software that has powered Code® barcode readers for decades is now available to license for your application. 

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