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We love to talk about mobility! Embracing enterprise mobility is key to remaining competitive and not being left behind! Let us share how we are setting a higher standard of mobile data capture in every environment, with any device.

Today companies are leveraging mobile devices to transform customer experiences and business processes. Mobile data capture is significantly improving workflow and streamlining operations all while lowering costs!

Deploying an enterprise mobile solution is no easy task. That is where the right partners make all the difference. What sets TachyonIQ apart from all the rest? Well, that is simple! We have successfully tackled some of today’s toughest data capture workflow struggles and developed many great partnerships along the way. After over 20 years of perfecting our zero-miss mobile data capture algorithm, we have created an SDK for app development unleashing the best barcode scanning software on the market.   Our software decodes more barcode symbologies, in less than ideal conditions than any other software on the market today! Learn more about the TachyonIQ here.