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TachyonIQ–barcode scanning software, decodes more barcode symbologies than any other software on the market today!

We set a higher standard for barcode data delivery in every environment, with any device.

TachyonIQ is the de facto choice for powerful, versatile barcode scanning software solutions that are proven to optimize data capture with zero miss reliability — helping customers across industries realize new gains in efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction.

Our decoder software delivers enterprise-grade decoding performance for an array of scanning applications and complex barcode symbologies, to remove the all-too-common inefficiencies and frustrations experienced with other decoding solutions on the market today.

zero-miss barcode scanning with TachyonIQDelivers consistent zero-miss performance.

Portability to a variety of systems and platforms. Easy to use SDK.

CORTEXDECODERSupport for all mobile operating systems.

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Built to out perform your needs and expectations.

Over more than two decades, our team has been perfecting our decoding algorithms based on the practical insights we’ve gained supporting the scanning demands of diverse industries.

We have the experienced perspective to identify diverse potential scanning challenges, and know how to effectively apply specific market requirements to our technical solutions for optimal results.


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Any quality, in any environment, without fail.

We read barcodes others can’t, delivering the industry’s leading read rates for 1D, 2D, composite, postal, and direct part mark barcodes, as well as enabling rapid driver license, GS1, and HIBCC parsing. Here’s how:

  • Software designed to compensate for less than ideal environmental conditions.
  • Algorithms optimized to rapidly decode damaged, low contrast, and curved barcodes.
  • Easily integrated with any operating system and any device with an embedded camera.

TachyonIQ’s decoding rates are up to 6x faster than the competition, even when barcodes are damaged or distorted.

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Capture customer satisfaction and more sales!

TachyonIQ’s innovative decoding platform was developed by domain experts with decades of experience delivering purpose-built barcode scanning solutions to OEMs and fast-paced industries.

Through the years we’ve seen the scanning industry evolve, and are committed to helping our customers continue to revolutionize their scanning processes by pairing our software with the latest mobile, camera, and imaging technologies for even greater efficiency gains.

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