Soft Decoding for Epic Rover is officially here!

CortexDecoder for Epic Rover allows clinicians to scan barcodes using the camera on a mobile device without the need for additional hardware like sleds or BlutoothTM scanners. This enterprise-grade barcode scanning software effectively provides healthcare with a lower cost option for mobile barcode reading through Epic Rover without compromising on speed and accuracy.

When every scan is mission critical, CortexDecoder for Epic Rover delivers zero-miss decoding efficiency and reads 40+ symbologies even in low-light conditions.

Damaged, curved, or reflective barcodes–not a problem!

Why is this Revolutionary? Epic is the first major HIS to offer mobile software decoding with CortexDecoder lighting the way. This move by Epic is expected to drastically influence change throughout the world of Health IT and mobile data capture ushering in soft-scanning solutions that will reshape workflow forever.

Ready to license enterprise-grade barcode scanning functionality for your iOS device? It’s easy, we would love to walk you through setting it up. Have more questions or need a quote on costs for your hospital? 

Scan Barcodes

Processes more barcode symbologies faster than any competitor.

Barcode Scanning for Epic RoverEasily decodes poor quality, damaged and even curved barcodes.

Integrates with any device with an embedded camera.

License packages available based on site size